Anaiya Pistis Sophia

Anaiya is a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a initiated priestess of the Rose line. 

She is writer of:

  • Open your heart with Kundalini Yoga
  • Pilgrimage of Love
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Sacred Sexual Union
  • Sacred Relationships

She wrote this on her facebook on june 29th 2018, four years after her experience:

The Day A Woman Opened Me.

A few years ago I became familiar with a traveling Tantrika who was living in the area in a quiet and unassuming way. People spoke of how she walked barefoot in the mountains with only water and chia seeds for sustenance. Her discipline impressed me, and for a moment I wondered whether our paths would cross…

As the weeks passed news of this woman continued to reach my ears. Some described her as being a woman of the earth, grounded and natural looking. They said she was very comfortable in her skin and did not appear or behave in a way one would imagine given to that line of work.

This news spurred me on. If I was going to approach such a person, her presence was presenting itself in such a way that whispered ‘she is the one’ in my ear.

I gathered the nerve to contact her, to reach out and ask for her time. I had no definitive reason why I called for her. It was an inner knowing, that this was going to happen. It seemed as we had pre-arranged our meeting, and all we had to do was show up.

The first time, I cancelled. I backed out. I was afraid of what this could mean, and where it could lead to. I had to be even more sure, that she was 100% trustworthy, and more importantly, that I could trust myself. I had to know that I would keep myself safe, and speak out if I felt things were going astray.

The second time, I kept our agreement.

Sure enough, she was a woman of the earth. No make-up, no goddess clothes, no sexy energy. She was natural. She was relaxed. And she knew, exactly where I was, and where I wanted to go.

I explained that I needed our encounter with one another to be in alignment with my soul and how integrity and skill were of the highest importance. I asked for a vertical experience, something that would open me to the unknown. I explained that this wasn’t about sex, or orgasms, or how to become a better lover…I simply needed to know – how much more could my body open. I needed to know what was possible, and whether all these ecstatic states were simply just a myth.

She smiled with such peace, that I instantly settled, and opened to what was to come.

She knew about breath. She knew about rhythm. She knew about pressure. She knew about prayer. She knew about body locks, mudras and she knew about God.

She kneaded me, stroked me, slid up and down me, activated my spine, expanded my breath capacity, she gave me permission to let go. She gave me permission to awaken to the earthly forces contained within my body, and at the very last moment, catapult them into glittering, ecstatic whirlpool of my quivering and anticipating sprit. She explained how she saw my body as an hourglass, and that her one and only intention was to turn my energy upside down.

In those last and explosive moments, I felt like a pinball being shot to the top of the game, that place where you light everything up and your score goes through the roof!

She catapulted me three times. One for the body, one for the heart and one for the soul.

Then there was only white light.



Gossamer thin veils being lifted,

and more light,

and more light,

and more light….. and then

Silence. Deafening Silence.

Then, somewhere in the distance, I could hear a gentle tiny little voice. Saying over and over again, thank you, thank you, thank you… and then I realised it was me. I was on my side in a foetal position, rocking myself back and forth… speaking to everything and everyone, but especially her, and especially me.

So yes beloved friends, I can categorically say with my hand on my heart, bodies open to reveal the spirit within. There is a way to do this, and it doesn’t have to overtly sexual, or icky and you don’t have to hand over your power. There is a skilled and highly conscious application of being able to do this with integrity at its core. And this is something this woman is going to pass on to me in August.

 It was shown me what is possible, and where to head for. It encourages me to open, way past the usual stop-gaps with a man. This woman gave me the space to find myself in the sexual realm, and show me that spirit can lead the way. My utmost and sincere prayer is for Pete to experience this too. I know he has been here as a result of the plant medicines he has taken. But how wondrous it would be to experience this together, and to help others to find this place too.


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  1. Een week nadat ze haar prachtige ervaring op Facebook had gedeeld, belde zij mij op. Ze zei: Please can you give a reaction on my Facebook many people like to meet you. Ik had geen idee wat ze bedoelde. Daar ik geen elektra, laat staan wifi had in de bergen duurde het nog enkele dagen voordat ik haar ervaring las. Ik was stil en vereerd.

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